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Frequently Asked Questions

New Customer Purchase Limits

This limit is for E-transfer & Credit card orders only, bitcoin payments have no limit.

This measure was set due to new users abusing the system and claiming fraudulent payments.

We’ll gradually increase the order limit as new users order more, here’s how the new tiered system works

Tier 1 – New users can not exceed $500 on their first order
Tier 2 – Once a customer reaches $1000 in completed orders, they’ll be able to place orders for up to $1000
Tier 3 – Once a customer reaches $2000 in completed orders, the limits will be removed.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Interac E-Transfer, Bitcoins & Credit/Debit cards
Contact us if you need assistance with making a payment.

Where can I purchase Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be purchased peer to peer, online services like Coinbase) fast to setup and buy bitcoins but limited to $150-200 until further verifications) or Localbitcoins (takes a few hours to setup but can purchase more bitcoins at once)

Coinbase = Faster account setup but lower purchase fee.

Localbitcoins = a longer account setup, and a somewhat higher fee, but you can purchase more bitcoins at once, you can also purchase them using different methods of payment.

You can also use Shakepay to buy bitcoins in Canada, they accept e-transfers.

I've sent my bitcoin, now what?

Your order will go out the same day Mon-Fri as long as the payment is received before our cutoff time (1PM PST),

Otherwise, all confirmed transactions outside our business hours will have to wait until the following business day to get processed.

If you order on the weekend, your package will be packed and shipped on Monday.

Is your shipping service discreet?

Absolutely! We work hard to ensure that each and every customer feels totally secure ordering from Legal Vape THC Shop, and we will earn your trust.
First we double vacuum seal your order. This helps us be certain that there is no odor from your package.
Then we seal it in an envelope!

This means your package is safe from the elements—and from nosy neighbors. Your package looks exactly the same as everything else.

How Do I edit my order?

Editing My Order

Once orders are placed, you are unable to edit orders yourselves. If you wish to add to change some items, you will need to contact us immediately before the order is packaged so we can manually add the items in OR you’ll need to create a new order and request the old order to be cancelled. 

How long until my order is shipped?

* Please be advised, the payment must be processed by our team in order to move it into the processing state for shipment the same day

  • The interact system can take up to 3 hours to direct your payment to the provided email address. Make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is processed before 12PM.
I received an incorrect order

Did you receive a defective or damaged product? Please do not hesitate to let us know via:

Live Chat on the web page during business hours

Email at info@legalvapethcshop.com

We will work quickly to help you resolve any issues you may have as fast as possible. Please provide the following details when emailing us:


  • The order number
  • Details outlining the incorrect order
  • *Please ensure to include photos or a video of the incorrect order*

Once we have these details, we will do our best to resolve any product issues with you as fast as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: You have up to 24 hours to notify us of anything wrong with the order.

Got anymore questions? Email us at info@legalvapethcshop.com or reach us via Contact page

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