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Pax Era pods

Buy Pax Era pods

PAX Era is a sleek, discrete vaping device that comes with a nifty temperature and battery status LED interface. When combined with a compatible pod, PAX Era provides a lightweight, consistent, and on-demand vaping experience anytime and anywhere.

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $25.00.

Product Details

Buy Pax Era pods

Pax era pods, the Legion of Bloom began with five people and a common goal – to produce superior cannabis products the right way, without chemicals, without additives, and without harmful pesticides. Legion of Bloom products have won multiple industry awards, and the company remains committed to sustainability, both environmentally and in giving back to cannabis culture.

Legion of Bloom Pax Era Pods starts with the selection of a specific strain based on desired effects, utilizing over 40 different full-spectrum terpenes from botanically derived plant sources for each profile. No additives, just cannabis oil, and steamed distilled terpenes that have been rigorously tested. Only quality oil fills quality hardware.

“Taste the flower without the flame.”

Gelato is a popular hybrid from the cookie family genetics, bred from a cross between Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies. This Northern California native named after the fruity dessert-like aroma reminiscent of gelato ice cream is a THC powerhouse with a strong amount of euphoric body relaxation mixed with a surprisingly clear head. Perfect for creativity. Users with low tolerance may want to proceed with caution.

Average Potency: 84% THC, 0 mg CBD

Where can I Buy pax era pods online? 

You can get top authentic carts from legit online dispensaries like Legal Vape Store at the best prices and the carts will be delivered straight to your door for safety.

Are Pax pods worth it?

Yes, and yes the pax era is worth it! The average price range is $40-25. eaze.com tends to have a variety of pods that can be delivered to your home. Quite a few of the pod companies put their ideal temps on the package, but this follows personal taste which the app can guide you towards.

How long do the pads last?

A Pax Era Pod can last two weeks if it is used moderately at a medium temperature. If used less often, it can be used for three to four weeks. If the pods are used heavily and at high temperatures, they will last for a few days at the very least.

License: CDPH-T00000171


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