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Tko Edible Fruity Krispy (500mg THC)

Tko Edible Fruity Krispy

TKO extracts cannabis-infused chips

500 MG THC

Top award-winning edibles

no pesticides and 100% lab tested

be advised do not to consume in large quantities due to high THC content

Top award-winning edibles

no pesticides and 100% lab tested.


Product Details

Tko Edible Fruity Krispy

Tko edibles are our award-winning edibles are made with premium ingredients and our own 90% plus THC distillate infused in coconut oil.

Fruity Krispy Treats are the fun marshmallowy snacks you’ve been wanting! When it comes to fun and fruity medicating, no one does it better than The Cookie Factory. Made with Fruity-Dyno-Bites and premium medical cannabis, these medicinal Krispies are both delicious and effective. Handcrafted with pure, solvent-less cannabis and containing 350mg of THC, enjoy with extreme caution if you’re a newcomer to medicinal edibles. Fun and easy, The Cookie Factory makes this Fruity Krispy Treat with cannabis and love.

Who doesn’t love a good fruit kris pie?  We have brought back this award winner and like all TKO baked goods, it comes with a cutting template to allow for precise dosing.  This will become a favorite with Heavyweights that can handle higher THC levels.  More Tko edibles THC and fewer calories.

Delta-9 THC:500MG/ THC

Total Cannabinoids:

Certificate of Analysis

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